“...holistic understanding of infrastructure architecture rarely seen in the industry”

I had the pleasure of working with Fred on a large and complicated datacenter project. Fred has a holistic understanding of infrastructure architecture rarely seen in the industry these days. To compliment Fred's excellence in architecture; he ensures that everything that he is involved in is done with uncompromising integrity and precision. I am looking forward to the day that I can work with Fred again.

— Paul Gifford - Senior Systems Engineer - Cloud Automation & Cloud-Native Apps | Member of the CTO Ambassador Program, VMware

“He gets it!”

Fred is very well versed in all modern technologies and knows how to apply them applicably. Fred has superior communication skills and is both operationally and organizationally effective. Fred is one of the best Enterprise Architects that I have ever worked with in my 35 years in the IT industry. As an old professor of mine use to say, "He gets it!"

— Neil Thomson - Senior Solutions Architect at Powerland Computers


I recommend Fred as an outstanding project-manager. During an implementation of our UniWin® Logistics software, Fred was managing the project from my clients side. I must say it was a very smooth project from my point-of-view. No issues were left in the dark, everything was addressed and handled in time. From the start our product performed well and according to the needs of the business.

— Arjan Van De Wiel - Commercial Director at (UniWin®) Infotech Logistics B.V.


“...solid understanding of technology and business requirements...”

Fred has a solid understanding of technology and business requirements which allow him to understand the give & take inherent in architecture. He is a good communicator and makes sure all vested parties understand where he is coming from, and understand where they are coming from. This helps him bring everyone on board on projects and ensure a successful outcome. I look forward to working with Fred again.

— Abhi Gupta - Systems Engineer at Cisco Systems

“...good communicator with a strong ability to articulate the needs of his organization...”

I have worked with Fred when he was a Senior Enterprise Architect and have found him to be very knowledgeable and skilled in understanding the technical and business benefits of building a solution. Myself along with my technical colleagues and engineers have found Fred to be a good communicator with a strong ability to articulate the needs of his organization, collaborate on creating a solution, and then work with stakeholders to move the solution forward. 

— Rob Wiens - Managing Director at Sequoia


“...experienced and capable...”

Fred is a very experienced and capable Enterprise Architect. He was very successful in executing a number of projects that were challenging in their degree of complexity and criticality to the business. 

— Gord Pringle - Manager of Information and Technology Management Architecture, BHP Billiton

“...exceptional leader...”

Fred is an exceptional leader. He is able to keep a level head in any situation and come up with the best solution. Fred treats everyone that he works with using the utmost , kindness and fairness. He was a wonderful mentor, and it is through his example, leadership, and instruction that I was able to gain the foundation for what has become a marvellous career. 

— Jennifer Nesbitt Marchand - Food Safety, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Leader: NA Softseeds, Cargill